ClosrClub Levels

ClosrClub uses levels to showcase your skills and be crowned the top Closr. As you advance to higher levels, additional features and permission will be unlocked. 

Level 1 - Welcome to Closr! Get 5 deals entered to reach the next level.

Level 2 - You've proven that you like to close deals! Now show the world you can close 25 deals with half being verified by an employee, partner or buyer to reach Level 3. 

Level 3 - ABC (Always be closing!). Close 50 deals within a timespan of 3 years to reach Level 4.

Level 4 - Reach the top 10% of ClosrClub within your industry to reach Level 5.

Level 5 - Reach Level 6 by being in the top 1% of the ClosrClub deal makers. By doing so, your earn a virtual Rolex and be crowned Top Closr. 

Level 6 - Top Closr

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