Deal Verifiers

Adding deal verifiers validates your closing skills and improves your Closr Score. They can be added when creating a new deal or editing an existing one. Deal verifiers are broken into three categories: employees, partners and buyers. 

Adding a deal verifier requires the first & last name, email address and role in deal (Buyer, Partner or Employee).  Optionally, you can add a personal message to the verifier (or use the once we've provided). Once added, an email will be sent to the verifier requesting them to verify the deal. Here is an example:

If you have marked the company private (Fortune 2000 companies only), the email being sent to the verifier will be displayed hiding the company name (see example below). 

Once the deal is verified, the Verified badge will be displayed on your deal. This is done on the deal feed, Myself feed and your ClosrCV. Only you will be able to see if the verifier status is pending or rejected (chose "Not at this time") from the myself page. 

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